5 Gifts for Your Long Distance, Animal-Loving Significant Other

February 25, 2020

1. The Significant Otter Package

    Significant Otter Package
      Did you know otters hold hands when the sleep so that they don’t float away from each other? How adorable is that. Your significant OTHER would love a Significant OTTER package!

      Hey Corgeous Corgi Care Package

      Corgi Care Package
      Calling all Corgi Lovers! The Corgi Care Package is the perfect way to adopt a dog that requires no maintenance! You’ll get the same amount of cuddles, love, and admiration, without having to pick up any of the poop! Did we mention the cool corgi socks that come with the package! It’s a hit with corgi lovers!

      You’re The Coolest Penguin Package

      Penguin Care Package
      Some times long distance relationships are tough! It takes patience, trust, and love to make it work. Two cool heads will usually prevail! Send your long distance partner a penguin to tell them just how cool they are!

      You’re Elephant-astic

      Elephant-astic Package

      Just like the long-lasting memories a relationship creates, elephant’s don’t forget things either! One of our most popular gift packages is the Elephant-astic Gift Package. Give them a gift they’ll never forget!

      JUMBO Significant Otter Package

      Want to go really above and beyond and surprise your long distance partner with something they’ll always remember? The JUMBO Significant Otter package is a 3 foot long sea otter! It’s the perfect size to cuddle with when you’re not around! This is one that will not only wow, but totally make your long distance partner smile!
      Want more ideas? Checkout what other packages we have in stock!

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